The GameCreate manual documents the usage and features of the GameCreate software.

[This manual is still being written; it will be completed by the end of beta testing.]


  1. Manual Introduction

  2. Manual Requirements

  3. Manual Getting Started

  4. Manual Interface

  5. Manual Servers

  6. Manual Temporary Servers

  7. Manual Games

  8. Manual Hosts

  9. Manual Domain

  10. Manual Statistics

  11. Manual Failure Reports

  12. Manual Notes

  13. Manual Permissions


  1. Manual Ftp

  2. Manual File Language

  3. Manual External File Definitions

  4. Manual External User Authentication

  5. Manual Web Service

  6. Manual Xml Status

  7. Manual Custom Site Template

  8. Manual Glossary

Online Help

Context-sensitive help is also available within the GameCreate web interface by clicking the Help link near the top right of any page.


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