1. GameCreate Introduction

GameCreate makes managing game servers easier. Whether you're doing it at an enterprise level with hundreds of servers, or if you're just a hobbyist running only one server, GameCreate ensures that one of your most valuable assets - time - isn't needlessly wasted. A powerful web-based interface lets you control any number of game servers on any number of hosts, each of which is managed by a lightweight, simple application.

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2. GameCreate Features

2.1. General Features

2.2. Screenshots

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2.3. Misc Feature Documentation

3. GameCreate: The Basics

GameCreate is a unique client/server management solution for Game Servers, allowing users to manage, maintain, and monitor their game servers via a centralized interface. GameCreate works in two parts:

GameCreate is in constant communication to all clients it manages, it performs various tasks as required such as distributing new or updated game content to all servers managed by its environment, starting/restarting failed game servers, or just updating newer configuration files to your game server as requested by you.

GameCreate is not a 'Game Panel' in the same way that other solutions that are currently in operation for the rental market, while GameCreate may work for the Game Rental market, the GameCreate service is primarily for those that wish to run and manage dedicated game services for a variety of games in a Commercial, extremely powerful and configurable environment to get the most out of their hardware, and maintain a Quality of Service to the users of their service, offering stable quality Public server infrastructure, and unique to GameCreate, the ability to offer a bookable temporary service to any user of your services.

Additionally, GameCreate automates the management of configuration files. Some games require up to 5 or 6 different files to have different settings on a per server basis. When you multiply this number of files across large infrastructure, there is a massive time impact to any changes required on multiple files across multiple different hosts. GameCreate completely automates this process by building the Game files itself, based on generic settings supplied by you. With GameCreate it is possible to make modifications to all files across all hosts with a simple one off change in GameCreate, freeing Game Server Administrators up to be performing other tasks such as managing, and responding to configuration and game state changes being requested from their communities.

4. GameCreate: The Tabs

GameCreate is a simple to use tabbed system, everything within the GameCreate interface has been designed to allow users to navigate around to other parts of the system as fast as possible. When running game services, we understand your time is important, the ability to move around the system via either the Tabs, or the Right Click Menu has been developed to maximise the speed which you can achieve a task in the system.

4.1. GameCreate: Servers

4.2. GameCreate: Games

4.3. GameCreate: Hosts

5. GameCreate Guides

Here is a collection of Guides, guides and tutorials can be an effective way to quickly learn how to perform complex tasks easily via GameCreate

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